Advanced riders train over some of the top showjumps anywhere and have the option to travel and compete at top rated horse shows.    

Intermediate riders are provided the tools needed to move along and challenge themselves with more progressive concepts in their lesson plans. Intermediate riders also have options to attend horse shows and lease horses at the facility.

Our riding lessons are tailored to the individual riders capabilities and goals with the intent of bringing out the best in each of our students abilities.

At Rockin' Horse Stables we offer beginner through advanced riding lessons on quality school horses and ponies. We strive to offer a clean,

safe, family friendly environment for our riders and guests.

Our Trainers unique talent for teaching and dealing with our students creates a fun, progressive environment in which our horses and riders thrive.

Whether you are introducing a child to the world of horses,  fulfilling a lifelong dream, or just looking for something new, We can help. Give us a call and see how easy it is to get started!

Mission, Vision, Values



Our instructors work with new riders to teach them the essential fundamentals of riding and strive to move them along at a pace that is both progressive and comfortable for the individual.