Summer Camp FAQs

​Q:  How old does my child need to be to participate?

​   ​A: Rule of thumb is 5 years old but of course this is determined by individual maturity and not necessarily age. The ability to understand rules, focus on tasks, and to be without mom and dad are factors to consider. If parents think they are ready they will likely be fine at our camps.

​Q:  Does my child need to have riding experience?

​   ​A:  ​No Experience Necessary!

Q:  Is there adequate supervision and are the facilities safe?

​   ​A:  ​We take great pride in our excellent safety record. Camps are broken up into small groups to ensure individual attention and supervision. Groups are lead by experienced equestrians and our professional training staff is on hand during all riding activities.

​Q:  What will my child need to participate?

​   ​A:  ​Riding breeches and boots are great if you have them but absolutely not necessary. Any low cut outdoor boot/shoe with a low heel will be fine for riding and a comfortable sneaker should be worn for daily activities. Comfortable pants will be needed for riding and shorts are fine for other activities. You may bring you own riding helmet if you have one but one will be provided for everyone that needs one.  Campers will bring a packed lunch Monday through Wednesday. We will provide lunch, snacks and drinks on Thursday.

Q:  Where do I find the registration form?

​   ​A: ​Click here to access the registration form.